Box of Books part 3

More books from the box of books . . .

fear and loathing

I started reading Thompson when he was writing about the Reagan administration in Rolling Stone when I was in college. It was those articles that lead me to the books. I didn’t read them all, but most of them. Fear and Loathing made a bit of an impact on me. I hadn’t read anything like it before. It was one of those books that lead to other explorations of strangeness, both in other art and in life. I think all my Thompson books, read and unread, were given to a nephew several years ago. This garage sale paperback was picked up a couple years ago for old time’s sake. Plus it has the original Steadman artwork which is pretty sweet. Never saw the movie.

been down

I think I would have made a better beatnik than a hippy. This is another beatnik book. I don’t remember where it came from, but it was during my K-State days. Years later I don’t remember the story’s details, but I do remember the main character’s general angst about what he was going to do with his life. Looking back at my reading and writing from the time, that’s something I wrestled with more than I remember. I did do some anxious wandering back in the day.


Another beatnik I think. I have two of Brautigan’s books, one poetry, one prose, purchased together at a used bookstore before is ever heard of Brautigan, based solely on the covers and a brief reading of a couple pages. I love both books. Short clever pieces that truly find the universal in the specific. Sometimes hopeful, mostly sad, just like Brautigan’s life. His stuff is worth seeking out I think. A lot of its probably on the web. I’m glad I have my paper copies. I’ve included a few samples.

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