Box of Books part 2

More treasures from my box of books . . .


I like Twain a lot. This is my favorite. It’s such a silly book sometimes. And it also has a lot to say. A messy masterpiece. My favorite part is when Huck decides he’s just not good enough of a person to do the right thing and return Jim to his owners. He decides he’ll just help his friend even if that means going to hell. More of us should have this kind of morality. Also this book inspired me to take a raft down the Missouri to the Mississippi to New Orleans. Although I haven’t done it yet.

maltese falcon

My freshman year in college I couldn’t get enough old timey private detective stuff. I ate up Hammett and Raymond Chandler. If I could have figured out how, I would have dropped out and opened up my own agency. I knew that was a stupid juvenile idea, but dang it seemed like it would be fun. Alas that was a dream I didn’t follow.

earth is lords

Garage sale find, summer of ’86. I would have left it but a guy I was painting houses with at the time suggested it. (He was working on his PhD in poetry at the time.) It’s an epically told story of Genghis Khan. It’s pretty sweet. I started to read it to the kids once. We made it as far as his birth, graphically told, his uncle reaching in to remove the child from his sister and bringing a bloody Genghis into the world. Not sure why we didn’t make it any further than that. I’m willing to give it another read though.

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