Box of Books part 1

I uncovered a box of books that had been covered up since we moved a couple summers ago.  It was a treasure trove.  Here’s part of what it contained.


I bought this book in the bargain bin at the k state union my freshman year. I was taken with it enough that I hung on to it for 30 years. As a kid I loved the Gong Show for its pure bizarreness and because of Chuck Barris. I loved this book for the same reason–Barris as CIA hit man! In 2002 Clooney made a film of the book. I’ve never seen it.


The book’s pretty good, but this cover is amazing.


Asimov was another of my favorites back in the day. I’ve read most of his science fiction, but the foundation books were my favorite. In fact, after talking a break from reading during my first three years of high school, it was the first foundation book that brought me back. For some reason I picked up a new paperback reprint of the first book during my senior year, read it, liked it, and read the rest. It’s fun to find a write you like and then tear through all their stuff you can find. I’ve cleared out the rest, but I’m keeping the foundation.


Vonnegut is obviously one of my favorites. I got to hear him speak at KU back in the day. His are a couple of the few books I’ve read more than once. I need to revive my tradition of reading one of his books on our birthday. Yeah, Vonnegut and I share a birthday. No big deal.


More to come . . .

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