Action Figure Norman Rockwell – Halloween

Did you ever start a project, maybe one that you thought was a little strange, but that you thought would work?  And then after working on it for a while, you think, this is ridiculous.  But you keep working on it.  And as it’s almost done, you think, yeah, this was a stupid idea from the beginning, so you abandon the project.  But you don’t really clean it all up, but instead leave it sitting there.  And a couple days later you think, well, this could work, so you work on it a bit more, only to realize that the project is completely dumb.  But you’re almost finished so you figure, what the heck, and you finish the stupid thing.  Has that ever happened to you?

Well it happened to me. I had all these old action figures in various states of disrepair.  And I thought their service to their country doesn’t have to be over.  They still have something to contribute, these all-American heroes.  That was it.  All-American.  You know who else is all-American?  Norman Rockwell.  One of my grandparents had a big mostly full-color coffee table book filled with Norman Rockwell paintings.  I loved that book.  That guy could really tell a story with just one picture.  Also, it was a fascinating and nostalgic look into America’s past.  So it was clear.  The connection between action figures and Norman Rockwell was obvious.  I was surprised no one had thought of it before.  I discussed it with the fellas, and they were up for it. And then I started to work on it, and well, the best laid plans and all that.

But I finished it, and against my better judgement, I present it to you here.  The first one is Rockwell’s. The next one is a couple of the guys doing their best to spread the Halloween spirit.





the fellas

The guys want to make this a monthly feature.  I’m not so sure.  Happy Halloween everyone!

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