Acacia Wants You

acacia wants you

Acacia brother Brian Hamilton did such a great job back in the day of drawing up designs for our shirts and other party favors. As you can see, he was partial to Bill the Cat of Bloom County fame. Say want you want about fraternities in general, and a lot of bad could be said, but I think fraternities generally reflect attitudes and mores of the society of which they are a part; and as I was at K-state in the 80’s, a time known for self-centeredness, greed, and lack of introspection, I saw and lived the dumb college boy version of that America to some extent. But, I think my Greek experience was overall a good one. It provided me opportunities for campus involvement, social functions, and of course friendships that remain today.

Sorry, that wasn’t much of a story. So here’s one. More a memory really. Andy was a year or two older than me, but he took good care of the pledges (not everyone did); he was cool to everyone really. One of the pledges’ jobs was to wake everyone up, each guy at the time indicated by a little tag left outside the sleeping dorm. The thing about Andy was he slept with his eyes open. Wide open. So it was a little disconcerting for a timid pledge to approach this dude’s bunk, him lying there, eyes wide open. The other thing about Andy was that we woke up kind of violently, with arms flailing and a kind of startled grunt. Of course he didn’t wake easy; calling his name wouldn’t do; it required physical contact. So the very first time you wake Andy up, you’re creeped out because he’s staring at you as you approach, and then as you shake him he scares the crap out of you with his thrashing about. And then you’re still not sure if he’s awake because his eyes are open, but they were open before you got there. After the first time, I knew what was coming when I woke him, but I still had to steel my nerves as I put my hand on his shoulder, as he made me jump every time. Andy was killed by a drunk driver a few years ago. He was a great guy.

2 thoughts on “Acacia Wants You

  1. brett

    which andy… i can’t remember his last name but big, gregarious guy if i’m remembering the right one?

    1. msears Post author

      I think you’re thinking of Andy Christopher. He’s still with us, and a cop I think up in the northwest. Bean was a skinny guy, a bit taller than me.


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