About The Real Matt Show

This is a collection of things I’ve written or collected or kept.  I’ve organized these things like this.

Books: Right now this is just some things I’ve written about books I’ve read on Good Reads.

Buttons: As a kid I had a button collection.  By buttons I mean pins, like campaign buttons.  I’ve recently reacquired this collection, and I’m trying to say something about each of them.  Really I’m using each of them to say something about my growing up.  Sometimes it’s about the actual button, sometimes the button is just a jumping off place.

Comics: I have a bunch of old comics from way back in the day.  I will review these one by one here on the blog.

Communion meditations: Something I do for my church is every couple of months I say something before we have communion.  I write down what I’m going to say because I’m afraid that if I wing it I will sound like an idiot, or I might say something one shouldn’t say at communion time in front of the whole church.

Games: I love board games and have a collection of over 100 of them.  Sometimes I’ll write about or review these games.

Movies: I’ve been watching some of the best movies on Netflix according to Rotten Tomatoes.  Then I post a twitter length review on twitter and facebook.  Every nine movies I organize the most recent batch and put them here.

Music: I have some old vinyl albums that I listen to on my old turntable.  And sometimes I pick up more at a thrift store or garage sale.  To justify these unnecessary purchases, I am going to try to review the new ones and the old ones.

Old Stuff: This is just work I did a long long time ago.  Mostly writing, but maybe some art or something else.

Podcasts: Mare and I jumped on the podcasting bandwagon pretty early.  We started in 2005 and produced over 100 episodes of mostly us talking about our day.  These are those podcasts, plus a little commentary, and where we are 10 years later in regard to what we talked about.

Short Stories & Poetry: Like everyone, I’ve done some creative writing.  The stuff that I think is decent I will post here after cleaning it up a bit.

Student Work: I put just about anything on my wall that a student makes. After teaching for 20 years, I have acquired a lot of student art, doodles, and general ephemera.    I mostly teach high school kids, and it’s amazing how eager they are to make something for their teacher, and how happy they are to see it displayed. These are some of those things.

That’s all for now.  I have plans to add more categories as we go.