Monthly Archives: June 2016

Films 163 – 171

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Walt Disney Short Films. Really liked Paperman and Tangled Ever After. Makes me wish shorts were shown with features like back in the day.

Particle Fever. I think I’m more theoretical than experimental. If only I knew what all those squiggles and dodahs meant. Interesting stuff.

The Kids are All Right. Better than I remember. Life is a marathon and a man has to be better than just cool. Moore and Bening are so good.

White God. Strange film. Haven’t seen anything like it. Planet of the dogs and more. Liked it, especially ending, but didn’t quite grok it.

Superfast! Watched this with my boy because he wanted to. That’s the only reason I can think of to watch this terrible lame not funny movie.

Fearless. Two of my favorite shots: Smelling the stranger’s baby & toolbox crashing through the windshield. And others. But does it hold up?

Manuscripts Don’t Burn. Well done & important film. But seems so hopeless. Except that this was shot under the nose of the regime, so . . .

Chef. Hit some of my sweet spots: food, fatherhood, roadtrips, Sophia Vergara. Loved the grilled cheese scenes. And now I want a food truck.

Cap Am: Civil War. This is how you do an Avengers movie! I’d love for these dudes to direct Justice League. So much to like here. #SpiderMan