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My Future’s So Bright

It’s interesting to see how much of my future that I lay out below came true.  I never made it to Alaska, but pretty much everything else happened. I don’t think I took the classes Backpacking or Golf.  I don’t remember them if I did.  Also, I’m pretty sure I did things in boulder that my mother would not have.  Probably I figured I freaked her out enough with this letter. Finally, let’s pour out a 40 for both the Walkman and cassette tapes. Rest in peace.

November 1988

Hi Mom,

Thanks for the letter. Here’s one back to let you know what’s been going on and what I’ve been thinking about. For ease of the reader I will at least start off covering things in chronological order. Just in case you were wondering, grades are looking adequate. This has, for some or many reasons, been one of my worst semesters. All classes–if I get with it and I am–should come out at least B’s–maybe an A or two. Except German. I had a talk with my instructor today. She is going to help me a couple of hours each week, plus I’m going to continue working on it.  For the purpose that I am taking the class, I should have taken it A/Pass/F, but it’s too late for that now. At any rate DONT WORRY. I’m not. But I am aware and concerned and I suppose you can bee too (like I could stop you). I figure I had a tough time learning English, why should German be any different. But I will press on. Pre-enrollment begins in a couple weeks and with a note from R I should be able to get what & when I want. Probabilities–> Senior Seminar RTV, Backpacking, Golf, a lit class, (German II?). I looked at the interview stuff yesterday. It’s really too late to start this semester. But I am going to complete it so I can take full advantage of it next semester. But I am going to complete it so I can take full advantage of next semester. Here is a very tentative plan: Graduate. Hit Europe. Then, depending on whether I’ve a job–through interviews or some other job Radio-TV or Other–I come back and work. Or at the end of the summer–or later depending on what comes up (or earlier I guess) I come back and get more schooling and no doubt some sort of job. More schooling is always and option. And maybe somewhere in there fishing in Alaska and working the ski lift will fit. As long as I can stay single (probably a very long time) I want to do fun stuff (unmarried type fun stuff). Well, now that you are worried sick about my future, we’ll move on.

I am going to try and come home this weekend, but probably the weekend after that. I’m not going to KU. Too bad about their B-Ball program anyway. (HAHAHA HEEHEEHEE) K said as much as he tried to avoid it, that he had a nice long talk with you. I’ve decided that I am NOT voting BUSH–NO WAY IN JULY! And in all likelihood I will vote for another major party’s candidate. (Aside–> Bush and Dukakis are in a boat. The boat sinks. Who is saved? –see answer below*) R said you were funny when you called him Sunday night. Walking through Boulder–seeing the mountains, seeing the ski stuff.  I am ready to go!! Boulder was fun.  I didn’t really do anything that I shouldn’t have–at lease I didn’t do anything that you wouldn’t do. (Now there’s soemthing to worry about.) I’ll tell you a couple stories when I’m home. I’m trying to be tight. I’m glad I have my job though. Thanks for the letter today. I’d better close this one off. I’m in the library and I really should get some studying done. I have pledged to study at least three hours a night for at least six nights a week for at least until the end of the semester. Tell everyone Hi & stuff.  Bye Bye.



P.S. You know what would be maybe a good idea for a birthday present (just 8 more days) would be a walkman tape player. I went to a sale last week to get one at coast, but they were already sold out.


*Answer: The Country

Games of the Month 1


Star Wars: Epic Duels. This game needs a reprint with the new movie. Great to mix and match character vs character.


Coloretto. Friendly family card game that soon turns into a cutthroat bar fight of a card game. That’s why I like it.


Bohnanza. Aka The Bean Game. Classic that never fails. And as Mare puts it, a realistic simulation of bean farming.


Quelf. Barely a game. More organized goofiness. Needs people willing to have fun being ridiculous. We had em.


Aquadukt. Press your luck, screw your neighbor, and build a nice Mediterranean village. Pretty, simple, and mean. Like me.

Why did Jesus come?

Here’s my communion from last week. I didn’t realize until I was finished delivering it Sunday that I didn’t say anything about communion at all.


Merry Advent everyone.

Advent, as you know, is the time before Christmas.  It is the time of waiting and preparing for the arrival of Christ. (Just 19 more days.)

As the nights grow longer, and the darkness seems to grow darker, we wait for god’s light to come to us. We wait for the hope, peace, joy, and love that Christ brings to the world.

And the recent days have been dark. The news reminds us that we respond to fear with fear, hate with hate, violence with violence, murder and destruction with more and more of the same.  And the commercials remind us that often our first response to the darkness of the world is to look for solace in all the shiny things we can buy, the latest and greatest replacements for things we don’t need to replace, and all those cool gadgets to fill the empty places in our lives in this dark and scary time.

It’s easy to forget that it’s Jesus we are waiting and preparing for.

I want to look for a minute, as the darkness seems to be closing in, at why Jesus came, and what it is we are preparing for.

In Luke’s gospel several people speak to why Jesus is coming, to what we are waiting for.  Let me paint a little collage for you. Hopefully there is an image here that speaks to you.

Jesus’s mother says this about god in anticipation of the birth of her son:

He has brought down rulers from their thrones

   and raised up the humble.

He has filled the hungry with good things

   and sent the rich away with nothing.

The angels says this to the shepherds:

“Give glory to God in heaven,

   and on earth let there be peace among the people who please God.”

His cousin John said, when asked how we should prepare for his coming:

“If you have two shirts, share with the person who does not have one. If you have food, share that also.”

About himself, at the beginning of his ministry, Jesus said this,

“The Lord has put his Spirit in me,

   because he appointed me to tell the Good News to the poor.

He has sent me to tell the captives they are free

   and to tell the blind that they can see again.

God sent me to free those who have been treated unfairly

 and to announce the time when the Lord will show his kindness.”

There’s encouragement there, I think, that the darkness won’t last.

That’s why Jesus is coming–to bring hope, and peace, and joy, and love to our dark world.

So let’s prepare for that baby who becomes the man who is our light.

Let’s not prepare for Christ by dwelling on the darkness and our fear and our hate.

And let’s not prepare for Christ by focusing on our own selfish desires.

While we wait, Let us prepare the kingdom for our king.

Let us fill the hungry.

Let us share from our abondance what we have, with those who don’t.

Let us free the captive, help the blind see, and bring justice to those treated unfairly.

Let us be the light of Jesus in a dark and scary and selfish world.

And the hope, and the peace, and the joy, and the love.

That is why he came.



Box of Books part 4

12316401_10156332874135243_6423282862074402186_n 12316526_10156332874010243_934857581866542452_n

There for a while I was taken with pop-up books. The big pages that jumped out at you didn’t do much for me. It was the levers and dials that moved things and changed the pictures that fascinated me. There was some kind of mechanics going on in the narrow of the pages. Sometimes I could figure out what it was, sometimes I couldn’t. We only had a few of these and we had to keep them on a shelf not in our room so we didn’t tear then up. I remember one about a haunted house, Super Pickle, and this one.


My absolute favorite books when I was in grade school were the Alvin Fernald books. I read them over and over, especially this one, the amazing Inventions of Alvin Fernald. There’s some story there about rescuing an old lady or something, but it was his inventions that fascinated me. The bed maker, the automatic lawn mower, the burglar alarm. There was another book about him saving the environment, one about him becoming the mayor, and a couple other cool things. Until recently I had a stack of these books, but have since passed then on to someone who will hopefully enjoy them almost as much as I did.


I found this at grandma and granddad Sears’s and kept it. I think it used to be dad’s. It’s full of puzzles and games and stunts and even a few magic tricks from back in the 40s. A lot of match stick and checker type things. There’s one that would be fun to try at the staff Christmas party, but it would probably hurt someone. It involves getting a group of people to all kneel on one knee in a row, then giving the first one a shove and watching all of them go l like dominoes. Ah the good old days when you could injure a bunch of people with no legal consequences.

Treadmill Films 82-90


Restrepo. 50 soldiers died for that hill (plus local kids); we left 3 years later. Probably jaded to wonder who made how much. Good film.

Brooklyn Castle. I’d vote for Pobo right now. Or Rochelle. Should we have to beg for quality public ed? Maybe these kids can change things.

The Crying Game. A film about honesty, consequences, and not recognizing a man in makeup. Nice legs though. Lyle Lovett at end a nice touch.

Metropolis. German silent version of Mocking Jay. Some beautiful shots & least-sexy sexy dancing ever. Hopeful ending I can’t quite buy.

Lawrence of Arabia. Super long, but don’t know what I’d cut. Interesting cat, Larry. Beautiful film. They’ll never make ’em like this again.

The Wild Bunch. A western. Never sure where it was going. Had its moments–bridge, gun fights. About getting old. Or Vietnam. Or something.

Antz. A pretty good Woody Allen movie. Fun visuals. A lot of noticeable voices. The infamous, “You da bug.” Kids and me laughed quite a bit.

The Secret of Roan Inish. A pleasant slow-paced little fairy tale of a film that kind of makes me want to live in a hut on an Irish island.

Roman Holiday. Plot? I could watch super cute Hepburn, hunky Peck, & beatnik Albert just tour Rome, have clever dialogue, and look amazing.

Plainview #33

A long episode this week where we talk a bit about movies, some we’ve seen, and some we haven’t–still haven’t seen Brokeback Mountain. Mare sort of declares victory regarding the death penalty challenge, and yet it sort of continues. Blasts from the past include our Windows 98, looking for a god podcast, and DARE and indoctrination. And there’s a song.