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Other Films 1-9

I started to write twitter reviews for all the movies I watch. Not just the fancy ones on the treadmill. Most of these are watched with my family, wife, kids, or all of the above. Here is the first batch of those.


First Blood. Got heavy at the end. Didn’t remember that after 35 years. An America where a vet wearing a flag was seen as a trouble maker?

The Babadook. Fun scary movie with super creepy moments. Metaphor a bit spot on (DadaBook?) So I appreciate ambiguous bowl of worms ending.

Glen Campbell. I’ll Be Me. Heartbreaking portrait. I Told Mare just leave me in the woods. She won’t. And I’m not half as charming as Glen.

True Lies. An action packed comedic over the top thrill ride.  Tom swearing, Jamie Lee as sexy accountant, plus Arnold. Holds up after 20.

Housebound. Surprising scary treat. Many great “holy crap” moments. Daughter may have dropped real swear at one point. Funny too. Watch it.

Nightmare on Elm Street 2. I thought this was one of the good ones. Not so much. But the kids and I had fun watching the dumbness together.

Doc Hollywood. Few surprises (except the full frontal). 20 minutes in you know the ending. But funny. And the dance scene is pretty sweet.

The Thing. Kurt Russel, as always, is the man. Paranoia, Wilfred Brimley, and so much drippy alien goo. The blood thing about made me poop.

History of the World Part I. Funny parts I remember after 30 years, still very funny. Other 95% doesn’t hold up. Especially the rapey parts.

Partying at the K-State Football

No date on this one. Football season 1986 I’d guess. What do you do when your football team is the worst in the country?  Sing and dance with with others in attendance. Most of this I don’t remember. But I do remember the parody composite. Unfortunately I don’t think the water polo team ever materialized.



It was good to see you this weekend.  Hope you had a good trip back and everything. I forgot to ask you–Mom–how your Bible study leading is going. I think that’s cool. I hope it goes great. When did you all leave the game? About the end of the third quarter we all quit watching the game (pretty much) and just had a blast! The band played Twist and Shout and we all danced and sang–then they played it again and we all danced and sang. (You probably saw all this.) Then the FIJI’s across the aisle started singing Louie Louie and the band joined in. Then they sang You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling and the theme to the Brady Bunch. We answered with The Beverly Hillbillies and Don’t Send My Boy to Missouri. After the game the band took the field for post-game. They played a couple songs then Twist and Shout again, to which we all took to the field and danced with the “Pridettes.” (I found out that AM and CE are Pridettes.) It was a blast! So we lost again.  Oh well.

I bought the Sanyo fridge. It was $105. There is a 2 year warranty on parts and labor, and a 5 year warranty on the compressor. Another kid in the house has one and says its a decent fridge. I will send gram & gramps a letter and thank them.

I saw FJ at church yesterday.  He was up for the Kappa’s dad’s weekend. I said “hi” to him. Last night it rained something fierce. This morning really–about 5 am–the lightning & thunder was awesome. It had to be striking just blocks away and then BOOM! It was cool. I’ve decided that my next sport–not counting flag football if I do that–will be inner tube water polo. The house is going to have a team and I’m looking forward to a great season.  We may have to go sing again. Sat. night the PiPhi’s stole our composite (That night JF and I made a parody substitute and put it up. B’s a short kid–picture was like this.


G–who gets crud for not having a chin, got a profile with a doted line showing where his chin should be. We did ourselves also. Sunday morning it was a hit–everyone loved it. It’s still up.)

Mike–good luck Thursday at the old Abilene Invite. It was good to watch you Saturday. Work hard!

Well, no tests this week. At least one next week though. See ya all later. I’ve you.



P.S. I got my first ice cubes today! It’s a banner Monday!

Busy with stuff I don’t remember

No date on this one. I’m not sure what job I applied for that I didn’t think I’d get. I don’t think it was at KKSU. I don’t remember anything about the State Ag place or someone being on someone else’s crap list. In fact, I don’t know most of what I’m talking about in this letter.  Also, nothing like sending your folks a cartoon about rubbers to keep them up at night. And I found an add on the back side of the cartoons that brought back some memories.


Hi. How’s it going? things here are pretty busy, but I can take it.  I think the job thing was a bust.  I went there today. It was at the State Agriculture place.  The guy who thought he could get me a job told me he was on the bosses crap list so it would be best if I didn’t tell the boss I know the guy. So he takes me upstairs to the offices and the guy (boss) isn’t here.  I talk to his secretary who tells me they don’t really need anybody for the summer. Mr. C says he will keep in touch with me if anything comes up.  Today was my second day reading the news.  The 7:00 was pretty shaky. But I thought the 8:00 went pretty well. Anyhow, I’ve only done this twice, but tomorrow morning Mr. B can’t be there to show some new girl how to do it.  So guess who agreed to be there at 6:15 am for him.  Let me take this time to share the normal academic report. German–test Monday, so far getting A’s and B’s, catching on slowly but surely.  Reporting II–should do pretty well, very busy class. Video I–could be exciting–we will produce a news show and some commercials.  It’s exciting to be in the booth directing the show, controlling audio, video, effects, talent, etc. Philosophy–who knows? Mike got a B so I should do that well.  Creative Writing–I can tell you one thing for sure–I’ll NEVER be a poet. It wouldn’t be unfair to say I suck. Piano–going good so far–nothing I can’t handle.  I am looking forward to doing some things as Pledge Trainer. I hope my enthusiasm doesn’t run out too quick.  we have 6 pledges this summer.  Kaleidoscope is going OK, nothing great.  I haven’t heard from the Ambassador people for months.  i think they’re going to get punted–at least as far as I’m concerned.  Work is going OK. It keeps me busy enough that I don’t get lazy.  I haven’t had a date every weekend yet. This semester I really am hurting for time.  But we have a couple fo parties coming up that I will take advantage of.  Things in the house are looking up.  We may have some money this semester and rush is going well.  If you’ve time, send me names of people who are or are thinking about going to K-State. See you later.  Checks enclosed. Love you.

Matt Sears

P.S. Also included are a couple of cartoons to help you keep in touch with what’s going on at K-State.




Box of Books part 3

More books from the box of books . . .

fear and loathing

I started reading Thompson when he was writing about the Reagan administration in Rolling Stone when I was in college. It was those articles that lead me to the books. I didn’t read them all, but most of them. Fear and Loathing made a bit of an impact on me. I hadn’t read anything like it before. It was one of those books that lead to other explorations of strangeness, both in other art and in life. I think all my Thompson books, read and unread, were given to a nephew several years ago. This garage sale paperback was picked up a couple years ago for old time’s sake. Plus it has the original Steadman artwork which is pretty sweet. Never saw the movie.

been down

I think I would have made a better beatnik than a hippy. This is another beatnik book. I don’t remember where it came from, but it was during my K-State days. Years later I don’t remember the story’s details, but I do remember the main character’s general angst about what he was going to do with his life. Looking back at my reading and writing from the time, that’s something I wrestled with more than I remember. I did do some anxious wandering back in the day.


Another beatnik I think. I have two of Brautigan’s books, one poetry, one prose, purchased together at a used bookstore before is ever heard of Brautigan, based solely on the covers and a brief reading of a couple pages. I love both books. Short clever pieces that truly find the universal in the specific. Sometimes hopeful, mostly sad, just like Brautigan’s life. His stuff is worth seeking out I think. A lot of its probably on the web. I’m glad I have my paper copies. I’ve included a few samples.

b1 b2 b3 b4

Night on the Nile

September 1987


Dearest Family


To Whom It May Concern

A new novel by Matt Sears!

And now a special sneak preview of the first chapter of the exciting new book.  The story of a boy and his dog.  The best of times, the worst of times.  A sci-fi epic of proportions never before witnessed on the written page.  Sort of a boy meets girl, boy looses girl, boy gets girl in the end sort of thing. The feel good novel of the year.  You’ll want to go back and re-read this one over and over again.

So without further ado we present the first chapter of this great new novel by Matt Sears, entitled Dearest Family or Too Who It May Concern. Ladies and Gentlemen, chapter one! (applause, whistles)

Mom, Pop and Dog,

How are things? Here it is Sunday evening. What a week it’s been.  So much going on.  But first a 5 week grade report.

Small Business Operations: Test next Friday, paper handed in last Monday. No results.

Man’s Physical World II: Test #2 tomorrow.  Test#1 score 140/150 – so far so good

Audio I: Project #1 returned – A-. Test last Friday, no results, probably did pretty good. SFSG [I was way ahead of time with the texting abbreviations, about 25 years before texting was a thing.]

Principles of Advertising: Test next Friday. I hear it’s a killer, but so far: no results

Fundamentals of Performance: Very laid back class structure, should do well – A or B

Now to the important stuff.  I finally did get a date to the party. So about 6:00 pm Saturday night I started working on my costume. I have to admit, it was awesome.  I had a tiger skin head dress (you’ll see the pics) and a gold round collar and I wore the bottom part as planned but put some gold trim on it.  I twas sharp! Everybody had a sharp costume. The house looked awesome. We had a water fall off the roof onto the porch into a pond which ran off the porch into a pond which ran off the porch into a bigger pond. (About 10 pm G did a back flip into it.) I’d say the party was success.  I’m sure you know by now that I ended up taking MKJ. It was a lot of fun. At first I sort of had a date with this ADP pledge.  We went on a yogurt date last Monday. It was a lot of fun bu she couldn’t go. I’ll probably ask her out again sometime; or not. The Royals are 5 games out and the NFL is on strike. I think I’m going to cut my grade school work down to 2 days a week. I’d be working 3 hours a week, 2 1/4 hrs less than I do now. There’s a guy at the house who will be working there M W & F — I think I hope. I’m tired of working there–I’m very tired of it. In the meantime I’m going to keep an ey and ear out for some other kind of work for this and/or next semester. Mike will be home next weekend. I may or may not.  I guess I will wrap up the letter with my best rendition of what my costume looked like. See you later. Love you both.



Good Cop Bad Cop

I have another review over at Wink Fun.  Here it is. But if you’d like more (and higher quality photos) of the game, plus a lot more reviews of fun things, you really should visit the Wink Fun home page.


There’s corruption in the police department. One of the officers is actually the crime kingpin. Some of the cops are working for the kingpin. But there are also good cops on the force, led by the powerful agent.

In Good Cop Bad Cop players are randomly dealt those rolls–good cop, bad cop, kingpin, and agent. Three integrity cards face down in front of them determine their roll. At the beginning of the game, no one knows who anyone else is. Armed with only their wits, items found around the station, and when things get hairy, a gun, players must suss out who is working for what side, and take necessary action.

On their turn, a player may take one of four actions. They may investigate–peek at one card of another player–this will be the most common action early in the game. They may take an equipment card–this requires them to turn up one of their integrity cards, revealing valuable information about who they are working for. They may draw and aim the gun–this also requires them to turn up one of their integrity cards. Finally, if they have previously acquired a gun, they may fire it. Shot players reveal their identity, and are out if the game unless they are the kingpin or agent, then they are wounded and can take one more shot before being killed and ending the game. If the kingpin is killed, all good cops win. If the agent is killed, all bad cops win.

It’s a pretty simple game and plays in under 20 minutes. The fun comes from not knowing who can be trusted, from gathering intel and knowing what must be done, but not exactly when, and from playing an equipment card at the perfect moment to really mess things up. In a 4 or 5 player game who is who is sussed out fairly quickly before the bullets start flying, but it’s still fun. I’ve never played fewer than three games in a sitting as it’s one of those “One more time!” games. I’m looking forward to playing with a full compliment of eight.